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IOSToken ($IOST): The fourth most playable public chain thanks to POS scalability and quality gaming ecosystem.

Introduction True, blockchain promises to be the foundation of a decentralized economy. Leveraging on existing infrastructure, that is web 2.0, blockchain is the next web 3.0, which analysts reckon will change the world. Indeed, in a world where there is increasing awareness and the demand for privacy, transparency and elimination of borders ever rising, blockchain […]

Quant Network (QNT) Blockchain Interoperability protocol adopted by big enterprise and banks

Unique, blockchain as it is, is broad and multifaceted. With smart contracts came this light bulb moment that everything of value that be tokenized. Tokenization and consequent recording on the blockchain brought about the need of interoperability between different blockchains serving the same purposes. Introduction Piquing public interest following listing at Bittrex, the Quant Network’s […]