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IOSToken ($IOST): The fourth most playable public chain thanks to POS scalability and quality gaming ecosystem.

Introduction True, blockchain promises to be the foundation of a decentralized economy. Leveraging on existing infrastructure, that is web 2.0, blockchain is the next web 3.0, which analysts reckon will change the world. Indeed, in a world where there is increasing awareness and the demand for privacy, transparency and elimination of borders ever rising, blockchain […]

Quant Network (QNT) Blockchain Interoperability protocol adopted by big enterprise and banks

Unique, blockchain as it is, is broad and multifaceted. With smart contracts came this light bulb moment that everything of value that be tokenized. Tokenization and consequent recording on the blockchain brought about the need of interoperability between different blockchains serving the same purposes. Introduction Piquing public interest following listing at Bittrex, the Quant Network’s […]

TE-FOOD (TFD): Food Traceability On The Blockchain

Introduction That food is a basic human need is true. It replenishes and is indeed vital for our general well-being. That is why an increasing number of individuals are conscious and picky on what they consume. After an alarming statistic revealed that an astonishing700 million across the globe are hospitalized and 400,000 dying, caution prevails. […]

Quant Network (QNT) Trading Idea

QNT/BTC Daily time frame Bearish diagonal trend line is broken Bullish divergence on the RSI Buy volume is increasing Boiling brands are very tight QNT made a higher low Trading ideas: Buy if daily close is above  0.003245 Put your stop loss below 0.0030 Sell partially at the first target (40% gain) Keep a free […]

Gath3r: Using revolutionary webmining technology to monetize traffic, raising $1 million in their IEO today.

Blockchain technology is no doubt a disruptive technology and of the many fields where distribution and decentralization is needed is the multi-billion advertising. The sector is lucrative and slowly but surely, social media and search engine platforms are hell-bent on centralizing the field while using the same “free” data from users without any form of […]

Fantom: Korean scaleable DAG platform ideal backbone for smart cities and big payment networks.

In the race for perfection, distributed ledger projects are always innovating, sinking funds into research and development in a bid to strike a perfect balance between decentralization, security and scalability in the so called blockchain trilemma. While most prefer the more proven and battle tested “blockchains”, other projects are settling for blockless technologies for good […]