QNT/BTC Daily time frame

  • Bearish diagonal trend line is broken
  • Bullish divergence on the RSI
  • Buy volume is increasing
  • Boiling brands are very tight
  • QNT made a higher low

Trading ideas:

  • Buy if daily close is above  0.003245
  • Put your stop loss below 0.0030
  • Sell partially at the first target (40% gain)
  • Keep a free moon bag!

SNTVT/ETH Daily time frame

  • After the first breakout SNTVT mooned 600%
  • The price of SNTVT retrace to the 0.618 fibonacci level, which is a bullish retrace level
  • SNTVT formed a triangle pattern, Triangle patterns in crypto likely break to the upside when trend is up.
  • StochRSI bullish cross on daily, Indicating that momentum is moving up from here.
  • If the price breaks out of the triangle it also breaks above Daily 50MA

Trading ideas:

  • Buy the breakout of the triangle
  •  Buy the retrace to the triangle
  • Put stop loss below the triangle (dot line on the chart)
  •  Targeting previous highs (ETH 0.0000211)

QKC/BTC Daily time frame

  • Formed a double bottom pattern
  • Volume is increasing
  • RSI is rising above 30 on the daily
  • StochRSI bullish cross on the weekly

Trading ideas:

  • Buy if price has a daily close above trendline
  •  Put stop loss below the trendline
  •  Target first resistance: 0.0000545

FTM/BTC Daily time frame

  • Fantom is crossing the descending trend line
  • Fantom is making a bullish engulfing on the weekly time frame
  • The volume of Fantom is rising the last days

Trading ideas:

  •  Buy on breakout of resistance line
  •  Buy on retest of Resistance line
  •  Put your stop loss below the trendline
  • Target: 0.000002290

QNT/ETH Daily time frame

Quant Network is a very promising project which was also having a booth at Consensus this week. It made a huge run starting August 27th until February 10th with a gain of more than 6000%.

Since the peak in February Quant is declining in price. At the moment Quant is at a support level. Will this level hold or will QNT vs ETH  go back to pre-pump prices?

It depends on the price rise of ETH and the momentum on QNT. Because ETH looks strong at the moment there is a good probability that QNT wil come down to the buy zone area on the chart above.


On January 12th of 2018 the price of HPB was at a high of $13.62. More than a year later, on February 8th the price of HPB came to a low of $0.16. After a big decline,  HPB only needed 55 days to spike 410% from the lows in February. A healthy retrace occurred and old resistance became new support. On the daily time frame HPB made a beautiful hammer on the support line, indicating a reversal move.


  • RSI is in a rising line
  • HPB is making the first higher low
  • Support resistance flip
  • Hammer candle on the support line
  • Volume increasing

Potential moves:

  • Buy the candle after the hammer. Get out of the trade if a day candle close below the wick of the hammer. Target is previous high or big resistance line
  • Wait until HPB has a stronger market structure if it makes a new higher high and higher low. Buy around the low.

MITX/ETH Daily time frame

  • On 28 march MITX made a support/resistance (S/R) flip. The price action went to resistance line and resistance line became support. This support line has been holding so far.
  • RSI is in a rising line, meaning that buy momentum is increasing.
  • The 50 day moving average (MA50) gives price support. The 50 day MA is the average of the price action over the last 50 days. Price is bullish if it holds above 50MA
  • Potential bull flag is forming. In the chart you can see a flag like pattern, if the price breaks the top of the flag it is very likely to trend more up in price.

Potential moves:

  • Buy around the bottom of the flag
  • Buy the breakout of the flag
  • Buy the break of the resistance line
  • Buy the retest of the S/R flip
  • Put stop loss below support line