Blockchain technology is no doubt a disruptive technology and of the many fields where distribution and decentralization is needed is the multi-billion advertising. The sector is lucrative and slowly but surely, social media and search engine platforms are hell-bent on centralizing the field while using the same “free” data from users without any form of reward.

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With this realization, arose a monetization alternative in advertising through in-browser mining. And in-browser coin mining came on top as a huge win for websites in breaking the monopoly of site funding– something that is very difficult for modern websites to navigate.

The recent discovery is not without its demerits ranging from alarming dropout rates, low ad-quality, and decline of advertising revenues. These drawbacks created a void in the advertising industry that Gath3r is happy to fill.

Gath3r takes in-browser mining to a whole different level by introducing a versatile native coin together with merged mining. The GTH coin works well with both browsers and apps, and has no user interface issues, therefore allowing new and existing coins or tokens to use Gath3r’s hash rate.

Ultimately, this new model provides better profitability for web-miners, less centralization and a solution to a host of other issues commonly associated with new coins and low hash rates. The platform aim at providing a new in-browser that is user friendly to both miners and website owners, secure, and more functional.


Driving the platform ambitions is Raghav Reggie Jerath, the Founder and CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur, leader and management professional and a licensed chartered manager from the Chartered Management institute. Reggie has a career background at MSLgroup and many more large coordinated agencies where he was entrusted with medium to large scale public, private and NGO accounts.

Assisting him is Gabriel Osiceanu- Co-Founder and CMO. Gabriel’s core competency lies in the comprehension of the media purchasing and advertising industry, having routinely overseen high net worth accounts with budgets of over a million euros. His innovative capacity has built numerous successful integrated campaigns for industry pioneers in divisions, such as FMCG, Retail and Direct Media throughout Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile Farrukh Shaikh the CFO is a seasoned investment and financial professional who has work experience from both KPMG and Grant & Thornton. Amid his corporate vocation he was involved with review and advisory for theMiddle Eastern region’s biggest players. He later on joined the advanced world of cryptocurrency.

The team is advised by Viacheslav Shybaie whose main capabilities lie within blockchain development, product management, big data and software development, plays the role of a technical advisor on the platform.  Jake Baval, a veteran cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor, acts as community advisor forthe Gath3r community, has built a compelling brand-name network from scratch. Tom Attea has held senior C level positions in New York’s top promotion offices, which incorporate InterPublic, Cox, Leapfrog and Young and Rubicam. He is well suited for his responsibility as Gath3rs creative advisor.


Before their IEO, Gath3r did launch their MVP in Q3 2018, after proving their concept and receiving funding in Q2 and Q1 2018 respectively. In Q4 2018, they launched their web miner and their platform before beta testing their platform in Q1 2019.

This quarter they launched their TestNet, introducing master nodes and rolling out their web staking wallets. In Q3 and 4 of 2019 their ambition is to launch their mainnet before swapping tokens and by close of the year, enable fiat payouts and activate loyalty and Paywall programs.

Throughout next year, they plan to form the Gath3r Foundation, provide ten projects with grants. Then by Q3 2020 they will target over 25 child chains and over 100k publishers.


Gath3r relationship with LUX is seen to be mutually beneficial, in that their products complement each other in creating additional incentive for the end users as well as the networks themselves.

The Lux Mobile Wallet permits websites and website users (via the loyalty program) to automatically earn interest on their stakes. Because of this LUX uses Gath3rs Merged Mining feature as an additional way of securing their hash rate and network when taken off and ready. This partnership has enhanced profitability, security and functionality for the involved parties.

Besides, Apereum and Gath3r are cooperating with each other, both taking advantage of what the other has. For example, Gath3r has a legit approach to web-based mining and provides value to all the stakeholders involved, while Apereum has wide expertise which ranges from finance to marketing and other fields.  

Apereum will assist in getting the word out about Gath3r and furthermore assume an advisory role on the platforms marketing strategy, along with regulatory and financial issues in respect to blockchain companies.

Gath3r also has a partnership with Metalyfe, a “private and secure internet browser, based on the blockchain technology.” With the deal, it implies that “partnership between our two platforms implies that Metalyfe will use Gath3r’s web mining features within their browser, creating a whole new revenue stream for the ecosystem.”


The intention is to use the ERC-20 compliant token during their IEO. However, once their mainnet is ready, there will be a 1:1 coin swap with the ERC-20 tokens, as the norm, will be burnt.

 The 3 primary value drivers behind Gath3r token price:

  • Staking where owners will be rewarded
  • A loyalty program, where website proprietors can choose to impart a level of income to their users by giving those GTH tokens.
  • Repurchasing program in place

The Paywall Program empowers site administrators to gather installments in lieu of site mining, while the Loyalty Program engages and compensates customers who peruse longer. The Merged Mining highlight permits the synchronous mining of various coins based on similar algorithms.

This propelled feature translates into increased profitability for the users, and chain security and decentralization for developers. On top of that, Full Nodes–which bolsters Lite node, empowers proprietors of the GTH coin to procure monthly commissions by setting up master-nodes. With the help of private master nodes, Gath3r acts as a unifying bond between blockchain ecosystems.

Token Distribution and Fund Allocation

Overly, each GTH token will be a utility in the platform and from the Coineal Launchpad, each token will sell for $0.02 with a hard cap of $2.5 million in which the only coin accepted in ETH. As the norm, KYC and AML rules apply.

In total, there will be 400 million tokens and the Gath3r Foundation will be allocated 35 percent of the total coins in circulation. The public will get to invest in 37.5 percent while the team and advisors will receive 20 percents. Meanwhile, 7.5 percent will go towards Marketing and Network Enhancement. The IEO starts on May 27th and concludes on May 28th.

Should crowdfunding be a success, 43 percent of the funds will go toward research and product development, 25 percent towards marketing and 12 percent will cater for operations expenses. The remainder will be split equally towards business development and legal.

Short-term Price Catalyst

With all the attention Gath3r already got from some great influencers we believe that the IEO from Gath3r has a good chance to be an overwhelming success. Gath3r has a fair distribution and token sale hard cap of only $1 million.

Because of this very low initial raise this might easily become a good multiplier for investors that join the initial exchange offering today. Especially since not many buyers will be able to get in initially and are expected to buy later of the exchange.

We think the Gath3r project is really established and because of that is up to a great start. They received their seed funding and went through a proof of concept stage last year showing the investor community that the program works.

Now, it’s a matter of taking this project to the next level and by incorporating transparency, trust and low fees while allowing Gath3r code to channel browser’s computer power towards mining coins legitimately. It will incentivize the platforms that are often times reaped off by middle men in the traditional advertisement sector.

Gath3r has the resources and the willpower to attract clients. As a result, they can easily convert traffic into revenue through a simple incorporating of code in one or more pages of their website. We believe the token will quickly take an important role in the ecosystem with staking, master nodes and main net around the corner.

Long-term Price Catalyst

In the long term, the more they partner with similar minded companies and blockchain becomes mainstream, more users will flock to the network earning extra revenue through their code—enabled via direct coding or WP.

Besides, there is staking and concept of Master nodes or Paywall and Loyalty programs benefit clients who browse longer. Add that to the fact that Gath3r is the first to allow merged mining then the advantage over competitors is crystal.

Over time, the goal is to take full advantage of child chains and because of smart contracts, there will be complete interoperability creating a Gath3r ecosystem out of the Turn-key feature available for developers across the globe.