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We got some requests (not paid, we haven’t done any paid writings ever) from the community to write about this new up and coming crypto social media network. We dove in have hope you get a good overview of Howdoo and their token UDOO.


Believe it or not, every other time you browse, sign up or login to social media you are unknowingly generating data. These data are usually bundled and either sold to a marketer, or used to improve the platform’s pro-profit systems. It’s the age of micro-targeting and some social media platforms are churning billions out of your activity.

Social Media Statistics

From your data, from your clicks and from your chats or posts, you name, all of them are remotely recorded somewhere and processed. This is creepy but fantastically lucrative on the other side of the camp.

But how many are plugged? Well, first, there were 7.7 billion people on earth by May 2019.

Out of that 4.4 billion had access to the internet and a whopping 3.59 billion were active social media users, a majority of them being teenagers.

Over 80 percent of them are satisfied, believing that social media has positively impacted their lives.

The research further revealed than an individual spent on average 142 minutes a day on social media generating data that is instead fed to leading retail brands.

What is Howdoo (µDoo)?

However, this is changing because of Howdoo specifically built to align to the demands of the media landscape, unmet by social media behemoths.

Howdoo is a revolutionary instant messaging and a blockchain-based social media platform that is giving control back to users while concurrently solving scaling troubles as well as dApp development.

Creators describe it as a new way of doing things. The platform is fluid and users are in charge of their data. Howdoo can be said to be the 21st appeal. Control means privacy, and privacy is an alienable human right clearly spelt in the constitution.

At Howdoo, it doesn’t matter who you are. A content generator or a viewer will still earn. That’s thanks to blockchain. Through the Ethereum blockchain, Howdoo’s concept has attracted leading Youtubers and users alike.

Howdoo combines all the exciting features of current social media platforms and blending them all with a new but radical approach to content monetization and creation.

Howdoo (µDoo) is giving back Control to Users

Most importantly, content or user decides how and who to share his/her data with. That means control and privacy, which has been repeatedly violated by leading social media platforms struggling with scandals and fined heavily.

Users have access to a special and fair monetization model, including tipping in the platform’s native toke, µDoo, retaining 100 percent of the share. A user’s data, in a sense, is under his/her control. It becomes his/her business and there is no way that can be lost to a third-party platform that can ban, freeze or charge a huge commission on rightful earnings.

Also, users will receive attention-based tokens earning passive income just from watching videos. Rates are based on social stacks which are ratings based on the number of completed actions.

It could be from watching specific videos, liking or sharing content and more. The purpose of social stacks is to encourage platform engagement. What’s attractive is that Howdoo is feature rich, allowing users to stream videos through PiP and more.

Interestingly, users can create paywalls on their content or even set up subscriptions for content or realign their model to generate income from shares or like as control is totally decentralized.

Overly, Howdoo is an ecosystem where creators, advertisers, ordinary users, vendors and developers have a symbiotic co-existence.

The Team

Howdoo is registered in the Cayman Islands, but the team is predominantly international with representatives from the UK, the US, India and Australia.

The team is led by David Brierley, the founder, and Chief Initiator.

Others are:

  1. Neil Harper, the Chief Storyteller
  2. Mark Perring, the Chief Engagement Officer
  3. Tony Loan, the Head of Innovation
  4. James Farlowe, the Director of Research and Development.
  5. Nakul Shah, the Senior Technical Architect
  6. Beth Lawton, the Developer

Advisors include:

  1. Brett King, a Futurist and an award-winning speaker
  2. Paul Mears, an Entrepreneur and an Innovation Investor
  3. Jordan Fantaay, a Technology Entrepreneur
  4. Andy Hones, the founder of JumpXL
  5. Ian Gilmor, the International Risk and Payments Advisor


Howdoo development has been steady since the idea was conceived in Dec 2017. With the Private Alpha release of V1.1 PAX Aurora for Android, through to the announcement of their token sale in Mar 9, 2018, the team has developed their regional data centers, a multi-currency wallet with multilingual support and launched an ad auction engine.

Notable Partners

In recent days, the team received encouraging support from the likes of Visa Card, IBM and Huawei.

In their deal with IBM, Howdoo will use IBM Watson’s Personality Insights as Howdoo build a marketing strategy and better understand their customers. Commentators are positive that their partnership with Huawei will see Howdoo infiltrate the tightly controlled Chinese market and even link their wallet with AliPay or TenCent, a move which will be massive for their token.

Because of Visa, Howdoo users are eligible to apply for a Visa Card from where they would easily spend their tokens.

Other partners include Creation Agency, who will supply next gen social media marketing, and Applicature who applauded the team saying they are “goal-oriented people”.

What is Howdoo (µDoo) Tokenomics and ICO Details

The Ethereum-based project integrates two consensus models: Proof-of-Contribution and Proof-of-Trust consensus model. Its native utility token, µDoo, is an ERC-20 compliant token that will be used for settling all payments, tips, and rewards. 

The token will be a vehicle for transferring value within the ecosystem. Specifically, the team decided to infuse this token to their operation as it gives them an edge, incentivizing participation.

The token has monetary value and can be exchanged for other coins as BTC.

The token will:

  1. Be a currency for advertisement in the Howdoo platform
  2. Be used for rewarding in advert rebates and network operators. Depending on their Proof-of-Trust score, Howdoo will distribute 60 percent of their revenue to Network Operators via a smart contract. The remainder, 40 percent, will be used to meet operational costs.
  3. Be needed for participation in the AdAuction platform
  4. Be used by users of High PoC to set engagement fees in their professional introductions.

In total, there will be a fixed supply of 889 million µDoos. Each µDoo can be split in decimals more like BTC or ETH.

Presently, there are 271 million tokens in circulation, generating a market cap of $841,273 from an average daily trading volume of $1,073,895 as it changes hands at $0.008580 .

Howdoo (µDoo) Token Distribution

The 889 million tokens were divided as follows:

  • 35 percent for the Howdoo Incentive Scheme
  • 21.5 percent for public investment
  • 20 percent to the team-this was vested
  • 20 percent to the Treasury token
  • 3.5 percent for a Bounty program

Because its Pre-ICO price was fixed at $0.08 while its ICO price was $0.0689 and ended on July 12, 2018, raising $8.6 million. During that time, BTC and ETH were also accepted, and contributors had to identify themselves because of KYC.  

Short term Price Catalyst

  • The iOS and Android apps have launched. Mores users are expected after this and so does demand for the token.
  • Howdoo is gaining the requirement momentum and is a source of discussion in the media. In recent times, there are mentions at INC, Forbes and other leading publications.
  • Howdoo is attracting talent. The latest to be the project’s advisor is Michael Chen, an established advisor in blockchain. He is the CMO at Fantom, the founder of Envoke Marketing and PR, and advised the development of OKEx xFutures and more.

Long term Value Catalyst

  • More celebrities and media influencers are signing up and using the social media platform. Given their huge following and what they will receive, it is not hard to see why µDoo will be a limited, on-demand currency needed as these celebrities install paywalls and get tips from their fans in a platform that is secure, global and private. Some of them include: Tyannah Vasquez, Shay De Castro, Debay Miles, Sam Withers, the Martini Guy, and many more.
  • They have partnered with Huawei. Jason Sibley, the Chief Marketing Officer, says they are huge fans of Huawei devices and are holding “proactive conversation” on how to develop products that seam with Huawei’s ecosystem. Howdoo app is a feature app in Huawei AppGallery. Commentators believe that through this, they will at long last infiltrate the lucrative Chinese market and even build a bridge with Alipay or Tencent. If that happens, the value of µDoo is grossly undervalued. Note that Huawei, given President’s Trump ban, is not accessible in the US and some parts of Europe are also considering banning Huawei’s gadgets.
  • Another heavyweight involved in the project is IBM. By using IBM’s Watson, Howdoo will better understand their customer, profile them accordingly and generally improve their processes. But that’s not all, Howdoo is also exploring on using an AI Chat assistant, a service that will be accessible to Supernodes from 2020. On their end, IBM, being a launch partner will be “providing value through content, engagement and offers, and will also investigate how to utilize the platform to reach new potential customers.” Mitel is also Howdoo’s launch partner.
  • Because of fiat gateways-complete with a baked US regulated bank account-and their partnership with Visa, holders can spend their tokens from anywhere in the world. In reality, Howdoo provides the channel needed for crypto mass adoption. This service will launch in Q1 2020.

Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges

Peer to Peer, No KYC, Audited and Insured Smart Contracts