MITX/ETH Daily time frame

  • On 28 march MITX made a support/resistance (S/R) flip. The price action went to resistance line and resistance line became support. This support line has been holding so far.
  • RSI is in a rising line, meaning that buy momentum is increasing.
  • The 50 day moving average (MA50) gives price support. The 50 day MA is the average of the price action over the last 50 days. Price is bullish if it holds above 50MA
  • Potential bull flag is forming. In the chart you can see a flag like pattern, if the price breaks the top of the flag it is very likely to trend more up in price.

Potential moves:

  • Buy around the bottom of the flag
  • Buy the breakout of the flag
  • Buy the break of the resistance line
  • Buy the retest of the S/R flip
  • Put stop loss below support line