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Here’s one thing about crypto investing. It’s full of adrenaline and admittedly, at times nerve wrecking. Case in point, the past week has been a bloodbath for leading cryptos. Funny enough, some aspect of leading network’s on-chain metrics spectacularly recovered. Of course, there is an opportunity to reap serious profits from some of the tokens and coins that are recovering but took a beating. Most, given what they are proposing and their kind of partners, are seriously undervalued. But, that’s my perspective. 

Today’s notes will cover some few coins that are ripe for investment in Q4 2019 from a retailer’s point of view. Don’t misconstrue this as investment advice. My opinion are mine, do your own research.

So, let’s get going.

Interesting Catalysts to Consider

Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN): This is a no brainer in my view. Data is the new oil, it is pure gold if you ask me. The cool thing about Ocean is that they are building a platform where data providers and users can securely mingle and draw maximum benefit from their association. Ocean Protocol is a peer to peer network for data exchange and services. Data providers get paid to share their data. Simple!  And their drive was so strong, they found this call unstoppable, raising money in a bear market. Some took issue with this, but here we are, the platform is up and running. AI and machine learners are using their data, breaking down previous silos and democratizing the space. They are clear that their platform “will be for data scientists, AI researchers, large enterprises, NGOs and governments that need a way to get data and services seamlessly.”

So, why am I bullish on Ocean? 

  • The POA (Proof of Authority) network is up and live. Tagging several functionalities which references a common market place, users-data providers and users, can use their Ocean tokens to get paid or access services. Besides, developers can build on Pacific, with Ocean as a token of exchange. At this stage, common datasets are more available than ever with better APIs. Development has been turbocharged, and their roadmap right on track that POA is FOUR months after Nile. Obviously, there will be more demand for Ocean as the team work towards the next milestone scheduled for March 2020. Along with that, $Ocean is well-positioned to gain.
  • Ocean is backed by leading funds and partners including Unilever, Rochi and Messari. However, what is interesting is the involvement of Unilever Foundry. They partnered with NextBillion, and it will be their anchor customer. NextBillion is built on the Ocean Protocol, meaning the more Unilever demands for data sets, the more Ocean tokens will be valuable. Remember, POA is on, and I expect demand to pick up in the days ahead. Also note, one of Singapore’s used car listing sites, sgCarMart, is using Ocean Protocol for their “Know-Your-Vehicle” initiative. The site attracts over 2 million visitors per month.
  • The team is also working on Web 2.0 integration-for computer and storage services, with better service execution agreement in staking conditions, bounty rewards and slashing conditions. Progress is on track and they keep updating the community on each and every milestone they hit. Every 4-6 months, their roadmap is updated.

Dusk Protocol ($DUSK): Well, this ought to be a grand opportunity for value investors. Yes, the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are “censorship resistance”, autonomous and pretty much unregulated. But that is not to say these projects operate in isolation. That they function without complying with country-specific laws. And worse, it gets complicated when hard-earned money is involved. Regulators, especially in the US, Europe and Japan, are not budging, and would demand for safety nets for investors. 

Dusk Network streamlines this. It is a transparent, self-sufficient ledger where projects can crowd-fund in an STO. Investors of STOs are guaranteed that the project won’t defraud them as tokens are backed by the assets of the company, are valuable and have voting power.

In Dusk, there tokens will function as money but also tags smart contracting capabilities while remaining private. The combination of all these features is why I’m bullish in the long term but also raved in the expecting the token’s value to surge in the near-time. All Dusk needs to do is capture a small portion of the securities market, and digitize assets and then a slingshot move to the top 50 is a real possibility. 

Other than that, here’s why $DUSK looks good:

  • The Dusk Network has launched the public testnet shin. And it gets more interesting. This test net will have a DUSK faucet, CLI wallet, Monitoring tool, and more. If anything, this is pretty important because from the ground up, the platform was designed for securities and asset digitization while stymieing redundancies. This is a critical development because Testnet Shin is the first publicly-available implementation of Dusk, a significant milestone for dApp development and Dusk is delivering that.
  • The Dusk mainnet is set to launch in Q4 2019. Launch is a proof that it is indeed possible to build a platform with a new consensus technology, zero-knowledge cryptography and security framework in collaboration with regulators. This is huge and bullish for Dusk!
  • Dusk is listed at Bittrex International, Binance, Bitfinex, ETHfinex and Binance DEX with over $2.2 million in daily trading volume but in a recent interview, Jell Poll of the Dusk foundation said they have plans to further engage the community. Dusk is building towards a “full browser node experience” and Browser nodes is a big part of that. These nodes, according to Jell, will build from TestNet Shin. 
  • Dusk has been added to Fantom’s BNB Bridge. What does this mean? Well, going forward, user can easily convert between Dusk between ERC-20 and BEP2 standards. This sort of interoperability between Ethereum and Binance, two huge blockchains, is bullish for Dusk. And let us not forget Bitfinex choose Dusk to build a fully regulated security exchange.
  • Dusk has been listed at Switcheo, and is available at Coinmerce.
  • The former MD for ConsenSys Ventures, Kavita Gupta, recently joined Dusk as a NED chairwoman. Those are experts seeing value in the network. The more experts involved, the more legitimate the project. Legitimacy coupled with proven partners (credit Suisse, TNW, GRS etc) often means higher demand for Dusk tokens. Since they are focused on the European market, it will be exciting to see what Gupta brings on-board towards this goal.

I hope this was informative for you. Feel free to comment via Twitter. Never miss crypto investor insights by subscribing to our mailing list.

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges

Peer to Peer, No KYC, Audited and Insured Smart Contracts