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Crypto investing is the most amazing wealth opportunity of our life time. In this investor blog series on Cryptogems.com I publish notes on interesting market catalysts and I share my opinions on speculating/investing in crypto as a retail investor.

These notes are not financial advice and just my opinions.

Let’s dive in.

Interesting catalysts for 2019 Q4

  • Flexa coin ($FXC), Why? Staking $FXC makes it possible for existing cryptocurrency wallets to spend cryptocurrency (all currencies you use now are quickly becoming cryptocurrencies as well) at major retail stores and in future also major e-commerce websites. All this with a fraction of the current payment costs and fully powered by a decentralized payment network.

    Bullish for Q4
    1. Staking will be live and SDK will make it possible for every crypto wallet to partner with flexa (hopefully permissionless).
    2. They have tons of major brands already connected and I expect them to strategically announce even bigger and more global ones after staking is live and the real fun can begin. I expect upcoming headlines like this: Flexa makes crypto payments possible in H&M, Zara, Starbucks, Nike and… I know one of the biggest companies in the world is also on the list but I can’t disclose it. Sorry ;-)
    3. Staking makes $FXC a utility token and it’s expected highly reputable exchanges will be able to list it ones the utility is clear.
    4. You can see Flexa Network as the only serious project that can be labeled “The Stripe of crypto” and there are good reasons to believe this narrative is quite undervalued if you ask me: https://www.wsj.com/articles/fintech-company-stripe-joins-silicon-valley-elite-with-35-billion-valuation-11568912443
  • ULTRA Coin ($UOS), Why? Man, I come short of words when I want to describe what is going on here. Let’s say Ultra is not your typical open source blockchain project where it’s always a question if it will ever get used by a lot of people or if it’s even going to be used at all. Ultra is a steam like game distribution platform with big gaming titles first and uses blockchain in the back to offer innovative features to mainstream gamers and game devs second. They have 100+ partnerships with major game publishers to launch their games on Ultra for major gamer adoption right from the start. The platform is fully operating on top of a fast blockchain infrastructure (fully driven by $UOS token) without gamers and game devs have friction using the platform.

    This is probably my biggest bet in the 3+ years I have been “gem hunting”. We are so super lucky that we are in a bear market and people stopped doing hard work to find the finest investments of all. I guess most lost trust or hope after all these false promises that fueled the last crypto boom, and the painful bust thereafter.

    $UOS is at a 2 million valuation and my bet is that what they are going to present in the next 6 months will make the chain compete with top 5 cryptocurrency networks. I am crazy, right? I know that every idiot in crypto says this, but I know what I see and IMO it’s a super small risk when the valuation is at 2M MC and nearly none of what’s coming is out for the greater public. Even if they only enter the top 100 with all the major things coming up it will be a 20x from here. Good enough risk-reward for me.

    Bullish for Q4
    1. Ultra is about to launch their test net with some well known Technical Blockproducers.
    2. Ultra Open beta will be launched before the end of the year. Closed beta will be tested by professional gamers and some active community people are also invited to sneak peak before open beta. Watch closed beta product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1vHDkIUUr8
    3. Mainnet will be launched before open beta and well know companies in the mainstream gaming world will be announced once they are ready to participate as block producer.
    4. There is enough info provided by the CEO’s that Ultra will be released with a huge Chinese gaming company onboarding their 70 million monthly active Chinese PC gamers.
    5. It is also unofficially known that there are multiple major western gaming companies involved. I also believe the biggest hardware company in gaming is invested into Ultra in some way and is closely working together to be a major player in the Ultra Launch. Hopefully these names will be disclosed in the coming months and otherwise beginning of 2020. It really doesn’t matter that much since there are hints everywhere and once speculation reaches the majority of crypto people I don’t expect $UOS to stay around 2 Million market cap for long.

Honorable mention

  • DigitalBits ($XDB) Why? New on the market and still unknown with a market cap around 3 Million. IMO this is going to change quickly after reading some stuff from their last AMA:

Al Burgio- “We are excited to soon release partner announcements in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned! Additional exchanges will also soon be making announcements!”

Al Burgio: “Thank you for all the great questions today!  Looking forward to doing another AMA again soon.”
Gary VS, “Julie Lyle. What is her day to day input on the from her advisory position?”

Al Burgio [In reply to Gary VS] “Stay tuned!  You will hear more from her soon.”

Gary VS,[In reply to Al Burgio (DigitalBits)]

“Hey Al I just missed the deadline. Is there any partnership in the works with Walmart? Or are you using her contacts extensively?”

Al Burgio [In reply to Gary VS]

“Some of the companies that we are engaged with are public companies, therefore, we are bound by confidentially agreements and cannot prematurely provide disclosure.  So unfortunately I cannot comment at this time. However, I can say that she and others onboard do have an amazing network of relationships that we are leveraging!”

They have the former CMO of Walmart on board and I’ve heard this is of importance here. Usually partnerships and exchange listings like this won’t leave a new project in the lower market cap ranks like where it is now.

High inflation and high hype (watch out)

The long awaited launch of Hadera Hashgraph was last week and after becoming a bit wiser in crypto every day I think $HBAR should be treated with caution. Nearly 2 years ago I remember Bitconnect-like youtubers were busy hyping this project as being the end of Bitcoin and any other blockchain you knew of.

The price already took a deep dive leaving ICO investors with a big loss and now is the question if the hype can turn this around in an uptrend. I think it’s important to take less risks with project like $HBAR where the token supply will double before the end of the year with continues high yearly inflation. The problem with high inflation is that token utility has a hard time to overcome this and in most times this ends badly for the token price. So why risk money to this over hyped token with inflation working against you? I don’t see it. Be cautious..


I hope this was informative for you and let’s see where this blog is going in the coming months. Feel free to comment via twitter. Never miss crypto investor insights by subscribing to our mailing list.

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges

Peer to Peer, No KYC, Audited and Insured Smart Contracts