A ResearchAndMarkets.com report projects the global supply chain industry to reach over $37 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent from 2020.

There several contributors to this rapid expansion. One of them is definitely from the client’s side, the facilitators, and the rate of technological innovation.

But primarily because of technology and the growing needs from all participants—especially clients demanding better transparency, supply chain, as an industry, has posted giant leaps in the last few years.

Why not? Supply Chain is, after all, the primary cog that makes the economic wheel move.

Without an efficient way of moving products from producers/manufacturers to consumers, there wouldn’t be an economy and prosperity.

Technology as a Shaper of Supply Chain

Therefore, that technology is a catalyst and one of the primary drivers that form a big part of the Supply Chain–as an industry– is no surprise.

There could be better transport management systems and other forms of technology agitators, but blockchain takes the mantle.

Specifically, the level of transparency and improved efficiency, especially riding the cost of intermediation, is superb and precisely what market participants were calling for. Businesses are now increasingly merging their operations with solutions reliant on public ledgers for an edge.

This arises from the level of complication from current Supply chain management (SCM) software. Although these solutions introduce better management of supply chain processes, adopting enterprises are concerned about privacy concerns.

Introducing Obortech

For this reason, the quest for decentralized options continues to gain traction.

And this is where Obortech steps in.

The creators of this project are laser-focused, looking to resolve a significant pain point that hasn’t been sufficiently addressed.

What does this mean?

Obortech is building a smart hub to enhance collaboration using decentralized rails. In essence, the solution introduces better transparency for market participants involved in the supply chain.

Obortech Home

Their central product is the Smart Logistics Hub powering the fully digital ecosystem required for a user’s supply chain needs. Through this hub, technical barriers are eliminated, making the process simple but also in a manner that sparks collaboration without compromising privacy.

Some of this hub’s benefits include:

  • Better transparency due to blockchain traceability and provenance. This is made possible because the underlying blockchain depends on the broader community for activity and security. Public participation enhances transparency which makes it easy for product provenance.
  • Provenance, traceability, and better product visibility also mean low cases of disputes. Most of them are resolved because data are accessible in real-time.
  • Because of better traceability and product provenance, clients and facilitators on the ground can easily make plans, tapping on improved visibility of the supply chain process.
  • With better planning, there is a better fleet management and increased operational efficiency.
  • As a result, visibility and transparency act to widen market access, building trust among participants, which are the basic building blocks needed for building stronger customer relationships.

Features of Obortech’s Smart Hub

The Smart Hub, the primary product of Obortech, comprises of:

  • A communication hub powered by the blockchain and cloud: This is the heart of the Smart Hub, enabling data sharing, analysis, collaboration, and product traceability in real-time via a trusted platform. The hub consists of an API and is accessible from mobile and desktop interfaces.
  • A Tamper-proof document exchanger where participants can confidently share and exchange data without compromising key details. For instance, within the Smart Hub, authorized agents can access documents, track changes, and identify those who made them. All this is in real-time as the product moves across different stages in the supply chain.
  • An Internet-of-Things Tracker transmitted from IoT trackers installed in transporting containers. Critical data will be available, accessible in real-time for information or analysis, from the Smart Hub dashboard. This is important, especially when tracking valuable or delicate shipments where monitoring in real-time can make all the difference.
  • A decentralized marketplace that is accessible to ecosystem participants. From the marketplace, it would be easy to score others, effectively creating a reputation system. At the same time, out of the marketplace, participants can trade services without an intermediary, saving time and resources.

The beauty of Obortech is the decentralization of control. Ecosystem participants are the ones directly in governance.

However, this doesn’t mean every person is free to join a private supply chain network.

For that access, one ought to be invited. At the same time, the in-built reputation system ensures members comply with existing rules.

The Obortech Team and Partners

Established entrepreneurs lead the Obortech team. Some of them are:

Obortech Team
  • Tamir Baasanjav—the co-founder, is a project management and communication specialist.
  • Enkhbat Dorjsuren—the co-founder, has over 20 years in transportation and logistics. He is the CEO of Mongolia Express LCC—one of the biggest logistic companies in the country.
  • Tungalag Sukhbat—is the CFO. She has over 20 years of experience in investment. She is a certified CFA.
  • Zoljargal Dashnyam is the project’s Chief Counsel, experienced in corporate law and equity. She got her master of law from Harvard, and she is a top-tier lawyer in Mongolia.

What stands out about Obortech is the quality of its partners.

Obortech Partners

For example, already, they have a deal with the Government of Mongolia.

Other quality partners include:

  • Mongolia Express—one of the largest logistic companies in the vast country.
  • The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation—joining IBM, Orange, and IKEA.
  • The Intermodal Solutions Group
  • The Dutch-Mongolian Trade Office.

What’s more?

The blockchain-leveraging company already has accolades, named the “Company of the Year for 2021” by the Logistics Tech Outlook.

Obortech Tokenomics and Market Performance

Central to Obortech is the OBOT utility and governance token.

The token is minted on Ethereum, complying with the ERC-20 standard.

OBOT is for:

  • Making transactions
  • Reward distribution—directed from their performance ratings
  • General governance where token holders can vote on project proposals
  • Escrowing contract bonuses
  • Launching crowd-funding activities within the ecosystem
  • Exchanging services on the Obortech marketplace

According to Etherscan data, there are 300 million OBOT tokens as total supply.

Obortech Etherscan

At the time of writing, there were only 546 holders.

OBOT distribution is as follows:

Obortech OBOT Distribution
  • 34 percent to platform development
  • 32 percent to marketing activities
  • 16 percent to operations and administration
  • 12 percent to Research and communication
  • Six percent to Legal and Business Development

Thus far, the project has raised $440k.

  • Twenty-five million OBOT tokens were allocated to the private sale, where $200k was raised. Each token sold for $0.008.
  • Ten million OBOT tokens shifted to the public sale raising $220k—done via Probit. Each token sold for $0.024.

More stats from Coingecko shows 100 million tokens were released as circulating supply.

Obortech Price Action

At spot rates, OBOT holders from the private sale have posted a 2X ROI. However, those who participated in the IEO are still in red.

Obortech ROI

OBOT, trading at $0.0165, is down over 80 percent from all-time highs of $0.098804 registered in early May 2021.

At this price, OBOT has a market cap of just $1.65 million.

The token can be purchased and traded via:

  • Uniswap
  • Probit

Obortech (OBOT) Short-Term Catalysts

  • OBOT is a relatively new project but commands a decent market cap of $1.65 million—suggesting value flow.
  • The Obortech project plans to solve a significant pain point in supply chain. It is an industry worth over $20 billion. Yet, with a market cap of just $1.65 million, OBOT appears to be grossly undervalued. Using the Smart Hub, the project aims to disrupt the multi-billion markets, transferring value to token holders.
  • Already, private sale participants have doubled their investment even though the token is down over 80 percent from peaks.
  • OBOT is only available for trading at Uniswap and Probit. However, once exchanges realize the project’s value proposition and partners’ quality, they won’t hesitate to list, driving the token’s value up.
  • Roughly half of OBOT tokens (130 million) will be locked for two years on top of the 70 million that’s already locked. This translates to scarcity. Besides, they plan to introduce burning, further taking more tokens out of circulation.
  • OBOT visibility continues to increase. Listing at Coingecko makes it easy for token holders to track performance, while being mentioned by Forbes is perfect for credibility.
  • OBOT was one of the top performers in June 2021. Triggers included the OBOT farming program on Uniswap.

Obortech Long-term Catalysts

  • Considering what the project brings to the table, Obortech won the “Company of the Year for 2021” by Logistics Tech Outlook magazine.
  • Obortech is advised by El Ewers of Potrero Capital—one of the founders of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. The team banks on the firm to open up investment from Silicon Valley multi-billion firms or founders.
  • The quality of the team can’t go unnoticed. Obortech executives are experts in their field. Their experiences would drive the project forward.
  • Obortech is already working with the largest logistics company in Mongolia—the Mongolia Express—and collaborates with the government. The blessing from authorities is a huge endorsement that would potentially open up infinite opportunities.
  • The project is flexible, blending aspects of DeFi (marketplace for service exchange), a reputation system, IoT, AI, and Data Science while preserving privacy in a transparent blockchain. All these make Obortech unique.
  • Obortech smart contracts are audited by CertiK--a leading blockchain security firm.