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To ordinary investors, doing due diligence is not something they are skilled at. Through the power of the crowd, they often times find themselves heavily investing in a project they hardly know where their value proposition is from. They only heard about and well, because of the pressing “Fear Of Missing Out” that contributed to the last Bitcoin and ICO mania of 2017, sell their property or borrow loans with big dreams.

Wealth generation is gradual, slow and full of pits. Of the many fund raising models where investors are yet to recover, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) rank high up. Taking advantage of ignorance, founders of shoddy or outright scam projects fleeced honest investors billions of fund. After it went overboard, governments intervened, social media platforms banned ICO-related adverts and what we now have is a leaner and a more procedural, KYC- leaning fund raising platforms where governments are ready to strike, nabbing scam artists.

In an evolution and increasing awareness in an emerging asset market, investors are now demanding procedures and compliance. There are several platforms out there but of the many, there is this gravitation towards Security Token Offerings (STOs).

To simplify, STOs differ from ICOs with the main differentiator being the investor is well aware that he/she/them are investing in an investment contract bidding the blockchain startup to comply with existing jurisdiction regulations. Besides, STOs are asset-backed and accredited investors are confident that their funds are funneled into a project that is legal where access to funds in this model is cost effective. Regardless of these benefits, not all countries are open to STOs. Some of these restrictive countries include China, India, South Korea and Algeria.

With compliance at heart, Own, the platform behind CHX tokens, are diving head first into the world of regulation. Keen on tapping the best for their investors, Financial Asset Security Tokenization (FAST) Platform is designed to issue and service equity. It is secure with a Decentralized Share Register as well as several blockchain services.


Behind their vision mission is a determined team. Leading the pack is Sascha Ragtschaa who is the CEO and the Co-founder. He’s been in Software Engineering from 16 years where he has worked as a Lead Engineer on multiple projects and business lines around the world. Spanning 17 years he has held several leadership positions in Europe, Australia and North America.

Similarly, Florian Batliner-Staber is experienced. He is the COO and Co-Founder of the firm specializing in in technology solutions and product development around global equities and shareholder relationship management. He has a Bachelor’s degree in communication science at the Ludwig Maximilian Universität in Munich. Before Own, he worked as a Content Management provider and served several roles in IT infrastructure and software development projects, as well as product management.

Then there is Ermin Dzinic, the CTO and Co-Founder. Behind his technical capabilities, Ermin has stellar accolades including Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and IT Technology, SCRUM Master, Certified Oracle Professional and Associate coupled with the completion of relevant Management and Technical Education. Multilingual proficiency in Bosnian, English, German and Spanish. Simply put, he is adept with proficiency in business intelligence, data analytics, software development methodologies and strong expertise in database systems.

Advising the team is Yana Afanisieva, Jan Vom Brocke, a Professor of Information Systems in the University of Liechtenstein, Mark Pui an Executive with the PwC Asia and Klaus  Tschutscher, the Former Prime Minister of Liechtenstein.


Conceived roughly two years ago in July 2017, the co-founders decided to launch a new model for investment.

A month later they came up with the White Paper and a team of experts for initial designs. Thereafter in Sept they launched in mainland Europe under Chainium. In March 2018 they  successfully crowdfunded and opened up offices in Liechtenstein, Bosnia and the UK.

In July 2018, they released the first version of their platform and in September the  same year launched their Decentralized Share Register with resounding reception.

Fast forward five months later and in Feb 2019, they launched their FAST platform and currently working on establishing alliances with key STO partners.


For successful operations, Own is working with various industry leaders. Some of them include Areva, an Auditing and Trust company. They also have a deal with Nagele, Hamersley and Fitek. While announcing their collaboration with Lexit, their objective was to “reinvent the global equity market with an end-to-end offer starting with capital-raising all the way through to mergers and acquisitions.”

Acknowledging this, Lexit CEO Amir Kaltak said their “M&A solutions combined with Chainium’s growth solutions will provide a comprehensive end-to-end service for businesses around the world.” Additionally, Own is working with O-Mobile. They are explicit that they will support Own’s plan.

Making the announcement, they said Own is “determined to deliver a real and viable alternative supported by a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure and they already have significant support from the business sector.”

Eventually, with their support, Own will end up democratizing equity as O-mobile provide “ access to a huge number of SMEs who have been qualified and undergone due diligence and Chainium will provide a democratic equity solution in an exciting and emerging market.”


In the process of democratizing the space, CHX is an ERC-20 utility token that fuels that underlying network. Following their successful ICO in 2018, the coin is presently trading at  $0.127986 with a circulating supply of 79.4 Million against a total supply of 169 million with most trading stemming from BitMax.

Investors of CHX are required to lockup their asset for the life of the equity issuance cycle. Besides being a utility to access the analytics within the platform, CHX is used to pay fees for those who decline to share data.

Selling at $0.066 during the ICO, 50 million CHX tokens were available to the public. However, 50 percent of all CHX tokens were distributed to the investing community with the objective of raising $5.5 million where the minimum contribution was capped at 0.1 ETH. Despite this, only $3.435 million was raised with ETH as the accepted currency. Investors from China, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, USA couldn’t participate.

25 percent of all CHX tokens, that is, 200 million CHX, will be allocated to Founders and Management, 10 million to cover Token Sale costs and 20 percent will be locked in a Reserve Fund.

Fund Allocation

The proceeds from the crowd funding will be split as follows:

  • 60 percent will go towards IT Development and infrastructure development
  • 15 percent cover Business operation costs
  • 10 percent caters for regulatory compliance
  • 10 percent allocated for marketing
  • 5 percent will be channeled to cover loans which the founders lent the startup in the early stages

Despite last year’s doldrums, the startup didn’t switch off even as prices fell. At the time of writing, CHX is trading 63 percent from its all-time high where it surged to $0.341628. However, at spot rates, the ROI is 1.92X against the USD, 2.39X with ETH and 1.21X relative to BTC.

CHX/USDT Price Analysis

Overly, there is an across the board recovery in the crypto markets. Analysts reckon that the alt-season is officially on. During these sessions, alternative coins as CHX tend to receive a short in the arm as prices soar sometimes by more than half.

Presently, CHX is stable in the last day and week but poised for more gains assuming related fundamental factors are strong and ETH spikes. So far, noteworthy resistance is at $0.17 while support is at $0.11 as CHX trades within a trade range against the USDT. Ideally, any price break above $0.17 ought to be with high participation exceeding 2.7 million of June 20.

Short Term Catalysts

Historically, July is activity filled as far as partnership and development is concerned. Therefore, if that is the guidance, the expectation is that this coming month will see CHX prices react to new deals or developments propelling Own to the next level. It’s easy to see why. Wall Street and Venture Capitalists like value investing, and well, with many projects seeking to leverage blockchain, STO platform gives them exactly what they need-clarity, cost savings and regulation.

VCs and Wall Street value seekers know that are investing in an investment contract and expect dividends if need be. All this is done in an environment that is compliant to country specific laws and cheap yet transparent. In an industry that is worth billions and even trillion, Own is laying the framework allowing startups to receive capital from willing investors including average Joes who can get a piece of real estate and basically every other token in existence.

In an recent AMA, they acknowledged that are working and in talks with a number of regulators: in Liechtenstein (FMA), in Switzerland (FINMA), in Hong Kong (SFC) and SEC in the USA. On top of that, they are lining up and there are companies willing to issue tokens on their platform anywhere in the next quarters and through to 2020.

Add this to news that a Former director at one of Asia’s largest stock exchanges will be joining their advisory board is exactly the primers needed to boost CHX demand in the short to medium term.

Long Term Catalysts

In the long term, protecting investors in an unregulated market is a move away from ICO gambling where “utility” used to sell. Through a compliant STO platform, companies will issue their tokens to approved investors with the knowledge that they are part of the company and entitle to future profits through dividends or any form of incentive.

Because of STOs of which Own stands out, other markets previously not accessible to the rest of the world and situated at prime locations in the US will be accessible to ordinary investors.

Price wise, the locking up of 50 million CHX is a way of catalyzing demand by making the accept scarce. Perhaps this is the reason why last year’s losses were limited, dropping by roughly 70 percent while others where crashed during the same period, losing up-to 98 percent of their value.

Additionally, in their bid to decentralize, 60 to 80 percent of their Validator nodes are ran by uses, not Own with the only requirement for setting the node is the willingness to stake CHX.

Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges

Peer to Peer, No KYC, Audited and Insured Smart Contracts