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Sentivate is a realistic revolution of the web under the Arity umbrella. Determined to upgrade the existing internet architecture, creators of Sentivate are after building a hybrid web, introducing cryptocurrency and creating a connection between centralized and decentralized systems. Although the system bears some aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the new Sentivate web is centralized focused, that is, not based on blockchain but the main differentiator is their incorporation of decentralized systems to enhance processes.

Complementing Sentivate is Viat, a parallel network-only accessible via the Sentivate network through a browser supporting the universal web– for executing smart contract and cryptocurrency operations. Unlike Sentivate, Viat is completely decentralized, but enhanced by a dedicated web of centralized systems.

The architects behind the open source Sentivate are not after an evolution but are as pragmatic as possible, aware that Sentivate implementation can be through software but are realistic enough to acknowledge that wholesome implementation would demand a hardware modification of the existing internet infrastructure.  

As part of their viable and realistic revolution, Sentivate plans to introduce the universal web that incorporates its native coin, Viat, by replacing the Domain Name System with Domain Information System, the HTTP/S with UDSP and later introduce the Universal Identity System made up of the Identity Registrar to bring about identify in the web and Identify Certificates geared towards encryption, privacy and authentication, streamlining the otherwise wild west of the internet.

The Team

Sentivate has a dedicated and an all-rounded team. They are experts from diverse fields including mathematics, computer science, military, law and even biology. The co-founder, Lew Knopp, for example is a veteran and a former Navy Seal.  Lew’s company, Templar Titan Inc, offers “professional support to industry, corporate leadership, and government.”  

Thomas Marchi, a developer and a co-founder has been building tools for Arity for the last five years. His skill sets include “Building Marketing Tools, JS Frameworks, CSS frameworks, Social Networks, Chat Applications & BigData Applications.”

Meanwhile, Matt Karasiewicz has a background in Finance and like Thomas, has been working with Arity from 2014.

Advising the team is Jamie Linkowski, who is their business advisor. Jamie is the president of Primesolutions Advisors LLC, the chairman of OneVision enterprises LLC and member of board at C-Leveled. Others include Ali Alexander, advising the team on marketing, Tyler Swope driving the project’s crypto outreach, Sherpa, Ed Karasiewicz, PhD shading gems on technical matters and Robert Brunelli, Sentivate’s legal advisor.

Road Map

Uniquely, unlike most projects Sentivate’s road map is updated quarterly at the end of the third month. In May, the main objective will be the replacement of the Universal web key component from Domain Name System to the Domain Information System (DIS). DIS is crucial as it provides cryptographic from sites. In June the team will be all in developing an identity system to prevent Sybil attacks through a cryptographic trust that sign off new identity certificates entering the network. Then later in July, end of Q2, they will launch an open browser that demonstrates how the new DIS and Identity system works.

All the same, the bottom line or the core objective of the team is to avert a crisis already visible with the adoption of HTTP3. It make sense, as internet penetration increase, adoption rates will naturally rise, heaping pressure on bandwidth, which if nothing is done, will eventually run out while draining billions. Sentivate’s goal is now to stem and/or mitigate that eventuality.

Therefore, part of their ambitious plans is to get mainstream companies like Microsoft or Google for example to adopt protocol, the new DIS system they are proposing—Sentivate’s value proposition– into their operating systems and browsers.

“(Internet companies and providers are) spending billions of dollars to clear the traffic jams and rebuild the Internet on the fly—an effort that is widely considered to be as crucial for the digital revolution as the expansion of computer power.”

That way not only will they save millions but stand to make more towards their goal, Sentivate plans of making their network quantum resistance in the next five to 10 years and to that end, they shall opt for Supersingular Isogeny Key Exchanges.


To advance their goals, Sentivate is always looking for new partners to work with. Some of them include Templar Titan, Cyber Titan and Arity.

Rumors are that a new exchange is working to list SNTVT but for now current exchanges include Idex, LAtoken, Stex and Token Store from where the ERC-20 SNTVT token is traded against several digital assets including Ethereum (ETH).

Token Details

Sentivate, SNTVT, is an ERC-20 compliant utility token granting access to “used to gain access to the early stages of the Sentivate Network, development process and voting.” By holding SNTVT tokens, delegates can vote supporting a project and pushing them in a given direction and the more the coins held, the stronger the voting power. By default, delegates are granted access to Sentivate’s applications like browsers—and will soon launch an open source browser for demonstration purposes in days ahead, server and client modules and various applications offered by Sentivate.

In total there are 4.2 billion SNTVT tokens of which delegates hold 2.15 billion. The rest are split between the team—840 million and advisors 210 million. However, later when their Sentivate web launches in 2021, these SNTVT tokens will be swapped for Viat coin at a ratio of 1 VIAT: 1000 SNTVT in a reverse split. Note this, Sentivate are very explicit, token possession doesn’t confer ownership.  Their network will be hybrid employing a dynamic proof of work with 42 million Viat coins in circulation. Out of that 90 percent will be mined and the rest swapped during migration.

Token Distribution

There is no ICO and as Thomas said, Sentivate is self-sufficient because Arity has clients with multiple apps that will turn in profits and oil the network contributing to development. Even so, there was a private sale open to a few with wholesale prices of tokens below 25k selling at 10-15 cents per token and those above at around 0.00008010 ETH per-token.

For users interested in owning SNTVT tokens, they can participate in their Bounty program. There, for fans who spread out what Sentivate is up-to via Discord affiliate, YouTube and Medium, they can receive up-to 5000 SNTVT tokens as reward. Anyhow, for those who got in first and registered for free SNTVT airdrop.

SNTVT/ETH Price Analysis

Technically, and like most asset prices, SNTVT is bullish and within a bullish breakout pattern. From the chart, Apr-23 bull bar anchors our analysis as it has above average transaction volumes—77 million. At the moment, bears are retesting Mar-2019 highs but we expect prices to rebound from spot rates in a trend continuation phase now that the retest phase is complete. If that is the case, SNTVT will likely soar above 0.0000208 ETHs.

Price Catalysts

Short-term Considerations

The quality of a project is not about what they talk of but more of how they execute as they gradually inch closer to their goal. Comparing Sentivate’s GitHub activities with say, Nexus, there it is easy, at first glance to differentiate the quality of their commits. The latter do submit commits in a flurry while Sentivate’s pushes out a handful of high-quality commits at a time. That’s the first differentiator and a hint of what’s to come. When we add that to their ambition of making the internet better, faster and cheaper for providers perhaps even saving them billions of dollars through a universal web rolled out in a realistic, revolutionary manner then it is clear that the asset is undervalued.

Should companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google buy in to their idea and adopt their protocol and all of what they are proposing, then not only will we have a new web that streamlines processes but the world wouldn’t have to deal with bandwidth limitations. In July, Sentivate will launch their first open source browser for demonstration purposes.

Then again, the team didn’t public sale their tokens as they are self sufficient with Arity rolling out different applications that will guarantee the project’s profitability. The only limitation at the moment is low liquidity as daily trading volumes as we can glean from major exchanges is roughly 195 ETHs. However, that is about to change after their recent listing at IDEX (Aurora).

Long-term Considerations

In the long-term, it’s all about the bottom line. Universal web may demand hardware reconfiguration for applicability.

It may be slow, even taking decades-spurred by mega companies buying into their idea, but the benefits are many considering Sentivate calling for revolutionary technology replacing existing components that will guarantee internet providers are better placed to keep up with increasing bandwidth demand estimated to growing at 22 percent per year.

The team is ahead of their development schedule, have a secure network that prevent replay, amplification as well as vulnerabilities associated with UDP and 0-RTT as they seek to upgrade the internet in readiness for IoT and other bandwidth demanding applications, it’s only a matter of time before the benefits of a Universal Web permeates.

Enjoy #DeFi with the Best Prices across Exchanges

Peer to Peer, No KYC, Audited and Insured Smart Contracts