A complete gaming ecosystem to attract millions of mainstream gamers by partnering with the biggest mainstream games everyone knows.

This project is just on the market and has not started marketing in full force. UOS is at 2 Million marketcap.

Once the platform open beta and UOS mainnet chain (EOSIO fork) and partners are announced in the next 2-3 months this project has probably much more accomplished than many 10 projects in crypto. Based on that and the hype coming with the onboarding of 1M+ gamers together with their western and eastern partners we think the $UOS coin will easily be able to grow to a 500M+ Marketcap in the short term and well above 1B in the long term.

Product and Token Utility

The Ultra platform is the first product build upon their own UOS blockchain protocol that intends to disrupt the $140 billion gaming industry. This is because it allows users to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service but also just play the best mainstream games that people are used to on existing monopoly platforms like STEAM.

As such, Ultra has the potential to break the gaming market monopoly. The platform efficiently provides new solutions to gamers and developers alike. To that end, innovators have business customization that infinitely expand possibilities for developers. Ultra’s overall goal is to federate the entire game ecosystem under a single roof. This means that the distributing gaming platform is a stepping stone to this goal.

The Ultra protocol will, therefore, become an interactive distributed ecosystem where you can earn money by playing, promoting or selling games. Additionally, you can write articles or stream via Twitch, watch ads and many other rewarding activities.

Besides, the network in itself is fast and intuitive even to novice users. The ease and speed are perhaps the reason Ultra has already served millions of game downloads around the world. The Ultra ecosystem is therefore in a great position to leverage the distributed efficiency of its blockchain to make this market fairer and more accessible even for small developers.

Notably, they incentivize developers to retain a portion of their earnings within the ecosystem. This is because they can reinvest their revenue in the game improvement or even advertisements. Because of that developers earn instantly after a sale and this can keep the token flow within the ecosystem going. Moreover, you can become an influencer on the platform and earn in the process.

Making this possible the Ultra Token $UOS (currently erc-20m, later on own blockchain). UOS provides liquidity for the platform and with it, anything can be purchased within the Ultra protocol. Simply put, UOS provides a way for developers, influencers and players to interact. The transactions gradually increase demand for UOS as the ecosystem grows. Moreover, the platform features instantaneous fiat to UOS conversion. This certainly improves user experience.

All games can be purchased by $UOS, creditcard, Paypal or other known payment solutions and in the backend every dollar will be exchanges in and out of $UOS to distribute value through the ecosystem. The incentives like staking programs, betting applications, tournaments, tipping and many more ensure that about 40 cents of every dollar that enters that ecosystem is retained into Ultra and $UOS coin.

Think about that for a second…

Team (rare quality)

This project has a world-class development team. But world class is probably an understatement. How many platforms can boast of having staff previously with Google, Time Warner, Apple games, Dell, YouTube, and Microsoft among other A-list tech companies? This protocol is the product of their combined brilliance and expertise in various constituent fields.

David Hanson and Nicholas Gilot serve as Co-CEOs. The former was the founder and CEO of Xiaobawang $100M+ video game console project for the Chinese market in partnership with AMD. Moreover, Hanson has been in the blockchain space pretty much since inception. Gilot also was part of Xiaobawang. Additionally, co-founded Youcall and has had 1.5x – 3x revenue on the multiple game/app projects he worked on.

Mike Dunn is Ultra CTO. He was previously CTO at Dell & Time Warner, member of W3C, Mentor at TechStars and a sponsor of MIT Media Lab.  Accordingly, he is well suited to provide the tech expertise that powers this project.

Edward Moalem, the CSO is a former director of Google Play Games and former Head of Apple Games Unit. His expertise in brokering gaming deals with leading companies is particularly invaluable.

Other crucial developers are: Lee O’Donovan, the CMO, Julien Marron, the CFO, Peter Salinas and Cristian Rizea.

Key advisors include: Ritche Corpus, the lead content advisor. Others are Allen Foo, who is an expert in the China market and Alexandre Mironesco.


The greatest short-term risk for the project is running out of money. This is why the developers are conducting an IEO and will later raise more funds through equity. The project needs to gain capital to fund further growth and an increase in team numbers. Regional partners, especially in China, are essential to this scale up.

The team behind the project conducted an IEO on Tokinex platform on July 16th. According to the official roadmap, this quarter of 2019 (Q3) will already see the ultra blockchain mainnet, Ultra Open Betta release which is super huge. Q4 of 2019 will see exclusive game investments and the Ultra Core release.

Important Partnerships (for now)

This project has a number of high level partners. Bitfinex is obviously a standout partner. This is because the exchange will aid Ultra with a marketing boost. Others include Crypto gamers, IBC (a blockchain capital firm), Bright Law firm, UCCVR, Wachsman PR, and Point 95.


This project aims to effectively disrupt the gaming industry. This is obviously a massive industry with the masses spending time online and getting even a slight chunk of this space means potentially billions of dollars. UOS tokens fuel this ecosystem and create and excellent investment opportunity especially with this platform still in its infancy.

$UOS is not on Coinmarketcap yet, but all token details are updated on the Coingecko Website

Accordingly, the project’s token economy is essential to this endeavor. The platform took the option of an IEO, which is essentially an ICO conducted by a cryptocurrency exchange. The successful IEO raised $5 million or roughly 466 BTC with an IEO price of 1 UOS = $0.05.  During the IEO, only BTC was the accepted currency.

 Towards this goal, the maximum contribution was $2,500 while the lower limit for willing investors stood at $20. The total token supply of this utility ERC 20 token is 1 billion UOS where only 10 percent of the tokens were available for investment.

Individuals who were willing to invest more than $20k were required to subscribe and thereafter there was a 3-month vesting schedule in place.

The token distribution is as follows:  18 percent goes to the core team, 10 percent as company reserve, 15 percent for growth, 19 percent for content acquisition, 10 percent each for the IEO and private sale, 12 percent for exchanges and the remaining 5 percent for marketing.

Short Term Price Catalysts

There are some major things that will happen in the next 1-4 months

  • ULTRA team is meeting their undisclosed Chinese gaming partner on China Joy which is the biggest gaming conference in Asia. This leading Chinese gaming company which is rumored to have more than 100M+ users is going to operate the Ultra gaming platform in Asia and will boost the Ultra ecosystem with tens of millions of users. (WOW)
  • ULTRA is preparing announcements of multiple well known game developers to be publishing their games on ULTRA. The platform SDK is perfect to port games from STEAM and other gaming platforms into Ultra which potentially lets you play all world class games in one platform.
  • The team is mainly in France and it seems that it has very close ties with the third largest gaming company in the world: Ubisoft.
  • The team already has 100+ game publishers other than Ubisoft signed on and will start communicating them after China Joy (2e of August) Update: They will be anounced towards open beta in December.
  • The companies founded earlier by the Ultra founders have a big hardware partnership with AMD ($100M+ valuation) and it’s rumored that AMD is also involved in their new venture Ultra. AMD head of content is important advisor of Ultra.
  • The team can’t talk about exchange listings but we believe that they are working hard with the top tier exchanges to get $UOS more available to more investors in the coming months towards Open Beta. This will be a huge boost in liquidity but often this also means the price will rocket up and people complaining about liquidity now will then be too late to buy in cheap.

Long Term Price Catalysts

The obvious leading long term catalyst is just how immense the gaming industry will be in future. Advances in tech have seen unprecedented gaming and virtual reality experiences come to the fore. This market will only continue to grow into the distant future which is excellent news for Ultra now that developers would even earn more-as much as 50 percent-than in legacy systems.

Moreover, the potential for improvements within the blockchain space is great. This technology is still in its relative infancy and more possibilities emerge by the day. This is something that the big Ultra team will aid in for years to come. At the moment, developers number over 35 and this could balloon to over 100. The fact that this is an experienced and versatile team makes this process exciting.

Additionally, the network boasts of Cross-platform and cross-play functionality. This makes it compatible with Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch which are obviously the big names of modern gaming. Add that to staking capabilities and the ability of third parties to join tournaments on the network because of interoperability, the possibilities are endless.

Also the team is working on a mobile version called Ultra GO to capture the big mobile gaming in especially Asia.

The multiple opportunities such as betting on tournaments outcome, item trading and voice chat will likely make this platform a hit. The overlay tech makes Ultra’s prospect bullish. Already, developers are doing more work to expand these possibilities.