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DigitalBits (XDB)

Digitalbits currently has a market Cap of$6,438,174 and came to market last August. Since then the team has been developing their brand loyalty blockchain solution in cooperation with some undisclosed partners.

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• 4 anouncements coming for March so we expect some great exposure and interest for XDB markets.
• Rumors of a big partnership already caused a big price spike of over 100% but after a big retrace this might be an interesting price to look at XDB.
• upcoming milestones in roadmap:


Ultra currently has a market Cap of $11,715,244. The price of UOS is currently at $0.05 and came back to the initial exchange price in July 2019. Good thing to know is that the private sale of tokens to close development partners was between $0.06 and $0.07.

Since UOS came to market in July 2019 they have disclosed interesting cooperation with AMD and Ubisoft to show the community they are serious. The team is also saying this is just the tip of the iceberg and many top 100 gaming and technology companies have signed partnership agreements and will be utilising the ULTRA platform when it launches this summer.

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• According to CEO David Hanson March will be defining for Ultra and her partners and during their visit to GDC Developers Conference (San Fransico) they will meet all important gaming partners to make final agreements about content rollout and the launch of the platform. These meetings are to decide on the first triple A games that will be chosen out of the 150+ game studios that are partnered with ULTRA.

• ULTRA team will be busy in March in the crypto and gaming industry and will be visiting Bitcoin 2020 Conference (San Francisco), PAX East (Boston MA) and Paris Blockchain Week.

• Only Ubisoft is disclosed as a future blockproducer yet but we expect 10-15 more of the biggest game publishers to join them in the upcoming year. I expect that after GDC Developer conference March 16–20 big anouncements will be scheduled over the next months leading up to the public launch this summer.

• ULTRA started testing the game publishers tools with one of the big game studios and I expect results and anouncements about this in the coming months.

• There are much more big catalysts but the list is too long and this is what exciteds most early investors that came accross UOS last months. There are good reasons to believe that UOS is not your usual hype blockchain coin but it’s actually backed by industry leading companies and high level executive team. The release of their platform will be this summer and is expected to have millions of active users from the start.

• If you really want to investigate this deeply I recommend to fully read the rich communication with a lot of give aways from the CEO in Telegram:

OCEAN Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol currently has a market Cap of $19,355,317 and came to market in May 2019. Since then the team has been developing their AI data exchange platform to open up the under-exploited trillion-dollar machine learning and AI ecosystem.

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• A big technical milestonge for Ocean Protocol will be the v1 Beta (Tethys) release that’s planned for April 2020. Ocean Protocol will then be in the open and the data marketplace ecosystem is expected to grow even more rapidly.

• If you follow OCEAN you know they are working with governments, developers and logistic companies and after Beta release we expect there to be much more partners anouncing they started building applications on the OCEAN data marketplace.

• Ocean protocol will be represented in the new crypto/blockchain film Cryptopia and I am sure this will peak interest from various actors.

• Paired with beta Staking info is expected in Q1 2020 and this is a major theme for crypto investors in 2020.

• Major company partnerships are currently under NDA and we expect to hear a lot about them once the platform is life in the next months.

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